Hemp in Uruguay

As has transcended international media in December 2013 Uruguay passed the bill 19.172 for which the import, production, marketing and distribution of cannabis and its derivatives are regulated.

Along with the regulation of cannabis, Uruguay also became the first South American country to authorize the cultivation of hemp for industrial use.

The law passed by the Uruguayan parliament allows planting, cultivation, harvesting, processing and marketing of non-psychoactive cannabis use, meaning non-psychoactive cannabis (hemp) plants or parts of plants of the genus Cannabis, the leaves and the tips flowery containing no more than 1% tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), including derivatives of such plants and parts of plants.

On their part, the seeds of non-psychoactive cannabis varieties (hemp) may not exceed 0.5% THC.

Crops of non-psychoactive cannabis (hemp) must be approved by the Ministry of Agriculture and register with the Institute of Regulation and Control of Cannabis (IRCCA) and those that produce seeds must also do so in the National Seed Institute (INASE).

Hemp production

Uruguay has similarities to Australia from an agricultural point of view and weather conditions; Uruguay latitudes are included within the latitudes of Australia, so in order not to limit the productive potential of the country, it have set maximum limits for THC in plant similar to those established by Australian legislation in order that industrial hemp cultivation in Uruguay can be developed.

From an agricultural point of view there have been experimental crops in order to know the adaptability of the kind of industrial hemp to the conditions of our country. Since 2010 the National Institute for Agricultural Research (INIA) has developed such research, having found that industrial hemp is a crop suitable for our ecosystem, and that production levels achieved were similar to those reported in countries with vast experience.

Hemp off- season seed production

Uruguay situated in the southern hemisphere, with four distinct seasons and soils that put us in a privileged position opens to the world the possibility of hemp seed production off- season.

Uruguay has adequate regulations for off-season seed production in both the logistics structure, traceability and institutional framework that guarantees the quality of seeds that are exported.

If we add that our country has today, human resources with technical capacity of excellence, highlighting: agronomists with knowledge and vocation for agricultural production, assisted by experienced paraprofessionals, with plants for processing and conditioning (drying and sorting ) seed with the latest technology comparable to the best in the world to achieve the best range of quality seeds, and a clear and predictable regulatory framework, our country is placed in one of the best options for the implementation of this activity generating opportunities to add value and diversify business.

Our Services

Estudio Podestá has a specialized unit composed of an interdisciplinary team of professionals in order to offer its customers the necessary advice and support in all matters related to the hemp industry in our country.

Our Services:

– Legal, tax and investment projects for the hemp industry advice.
– Advice on drawing up projects, technical dossiers and operational plans.
– Advice for obtaining permits and licenses.
– Advice and management for enabling crops, industrial plants, warehouses, processing plants.
– Consulting and management for import and export.
– Registration of Companies to government agencies.
– Product Registration medical, veterinary, agricultural and food before competent authorities.
– Registration of patents, licenses and royalties management.
– Technological surveillance, protection of plant varieties.
– Analysis of operating freedom, products and key competitors.

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