The Firm

ESTUDIO PODESTÁ [Attorneys & Civil Law Notaries] was founded in 1978 by César Daniel Podestá, an Attorney with vast experience and high academic prestige. This firm provides legal and notarial services to local and international companies, as well as to individual clients

The pillars of this Law Firm since its foundation have been a philosophy of ethics and commitment to work with integrity, solidity and high specialization in technical knowledge; in addition to a broad ranging expertise in different practice areas.

Along these years, said specialties and expertise were vital to build up our relationships with the major law firms who have entrusted us with complex cases and even to their own clients for some special topics and issues.

Currently, ESTUDIO PODESTÁ has a professional team which shares the same principles that inspired its founder and made the firm grow constantly and steadily for over 30 years, providing a different vision and new projects regarding the reality we are immersed in, but always, following the same direction and pursuing the same goals as the Firm did in its origins.

Our aim is to render a service of excellence and offer adequate solutions for each issue, to provide a service in the best interest and satisfaction of our clients and walk along side them as they grow professionally and attain their goals; to offer the most trained and specialized professionals for each area, aside from having a continued training to optimize the quality and efficiency of the services rendered.